USAG, AAU Xcel Competitive Gymnastics

Chalking Hands

The Club teams compete in both the USAG and AAU leagues

Admittance to any team requires a skill assessment,

as well as a review of past competitive experience

The club also offers a pre-team for girls who have demonstrated

the skill level to work towards the Silver competitive team.

Please call us to inquire about joining our teams

Stretching Gymnast

Xcel Silver

Athletes must be 6 years old. Xcel Silver is comparable to JO levels

2 and 3.

Xcel Gold

Athletes must be 7 years old. Xcel Gold is comparable to JO levels

4 to 6

Xcel Platinum

Athletes must be 8 years old. Xcel Platinum is comparable to JO levels

6 and 7

Xcel Diamond

Athletes must be 9 years old. Xcel Diamond is comparable to JO levels

7 to 9