A team above all. Above all, a team.

""Do one thing and do it better than anyone else." That's what we do here at The Club. Our facility is a small multi team competitive gym, specializing in USAG Xcel competitive gymnastics. The Club fields Xcel Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond teams. Our gym breaks away from the pack by remaining a small, family owned gym that embraces a holistic approach to training our young female athletes. The development of a young woman's mental health and self esteem is equally important as developing their physical talents. We are a gym that is run by women, for women. Mentoring our athletes with outstanding female role models on our coaching staff provides an invaluable experience for our young female athletes. We are truly a family.


Here at The Club we train as a team and compete as a team, with every member contributing to the team's success in both practice and competition. Our philosophy, first and foremost, is when athletes work for the "team's" success, the rewards for the individual are even greater. Our main focus is developing the unique talents of each individual athlete and to provide every tool and opportunity available to them so they can become the best competitive gymnast they can be. This approach results in immense pride and accomplishment in their contributions to their teammates. We are not your typical USAG gym and we approach training differently, but the results of our program speaks for itself.

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